Zonic on Blast Pro Series İstanbul: "BLAST is something truly Unique and the World premiere was insane"

Time is ticking for the biggest esports tournement in Turkey. "Blast Pro Series İstanbul". There is only 19 days left for the this magneficent event. We have made an interview with Astralis' coach Zonic and asked him about how it feels to be playing in Turkey for the first time ?
You will take part in BLAST Pro Series that will be organized at the end of September in Istanbul. Are you looking forward to playing in front of the enthusiastic Turkish fans?My wife and half of my family is Turkish, and it has been a dream of mine to play in Turkey for a long time. I know the fans are amazing there, and I love the country and the warmth of the people. It is a place that is very close to my heart and whenever we can go, we spend our vacations in Turkey.It is truly a special thing for me to present my team to all the Turkish fans, but it is also special to show all the players in my team how amazing Turkey and the Turkish fans are. When we step out on that stage, it will be the Worlds best team playing in front of the world’s best audience!

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